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2017 Focus Guideline Cards


Guidelines/Norms/Expectations. I’ve updated all eight Guideline Cards we use in every session and you can download them here. The content is still the same, but the look and feel are updated. Below are the four you use during the Explore Phase in a Compression Planning session. I’m including my “script” – how I introduce them […]

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It’s Magic!

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t love a magic trick? Young or old, innocent or cynic, there’s something just plain fun about the ridiculous joy of being deluded into believing that rabbits really DO come out of the hat, or the coin really DOES come out of an ear, or the girl in the […]

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It must end in Action!

Don’t call it Compression Planning® unless you plan to take Action! One of the struggles we hear from some graduates of the Compression Planning® Institute is We never seem to get past the FOCUS stage in the Master Planning Model. What can we do differently to make it through the entire model?” Here are my […]

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