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Narrowing Down To A Manageable Few

What do you do when you have too many pre-identified items competing against each other? My friend Don Moyer (ThoughtForm Design, Pittsburgh) invented a way to do Compression Planning® which saves him immense time. Don’s method is for times when you have a finite number of ideas, solutions, options already defined that need to be […]

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Do you do this with your prospective cients?

How to use Compression Planning with your prospective clients Are you looking to differentiate yourself with your prospective clients?  Garett Trumpower has been a power user of Compression Planning for over five years.  He uses CP in his sales efforts and in the delivery of his company’s consulting services. Using CP is a key part […]

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Rip-off and Duplicate…you don’t have to “create uniqueness”…you can steal it!

My wife Stephanie shared with me an idea she recently had.  I’m embarrassed to say my initial reaction wasn’t an enthusiast yes. You see, Stephanie is pregnant with our third child.  She found out the gender on Monday morning but she had the ultrasound tech jot it down on a piece of paper she then […]

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Brainstorming Series: Why You Should Never Brainstorm

When I say Brainstorming, people already have a concept of what I am talking about.  “Labels” allow us to quickly understand a new concept and make it immediately relevant. You’ve probably participated in many idea generation sessions you’d call “Brainstorming.” The process for generating and developing ideas in Compression Planning is called “Churning” – like […]

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“Stuff” My Dad Taught Me: A Father’s Day Thanks To Jerry McNellis

My dad has saved me tens of thousands of dollars since I’ve become an adult. He helped Stephanie and I remodel our kitchen when we purchased our 96 year old house 11 years ago.  Since then he has also helped with the following house projects: Installing a French Drain A complete remodel of a bathroom […]

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Out-Listen Your Competition – Compression Planning Application

“Using Compression Planning to Out-Listen Your Competition” As I was going through our archives, I came across this BrainTrain.  Knowing a lot of you are using Compression Planning with your clients, I hope you find the words of Garett Trumpower to be inspiring and insightful into how YOU can use Compression Planning with your clients. […]

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PRO / CON Template – Don’t Miss Your Best Decision Making

Using the Compression Planning PRO/CON Template to aid in Decision Making One of my favorite Compression Planning formations is the one where you identify the Pros and the Cons of options.  I’ve used this simple template in many ways in my life – both personally and professionally.  It’s a simple but powerful way to make […]

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