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How to Really BACKGROUND a Group for a Critical Retreat

At our Institutes, we stress over and over the critical importance of providing selected Background so your participants can effectively participate. Dr. Mary Brumbach, CFRE, Associate Vice Chancellor, Strategic Initiatives, Dallas County Community College District  (DCCCD) did the best job of Background for a Trustees’ retreat I’ve seen. Without exception. Best job for any CP […]

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It’s Magic!

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t love a magic trick? Young or old, innocent or cynic, there’s something just plain fun about the ridiculous joy of being deluded into believing that rabbits really DO come out of the hat, or the coin really DOES come out of an ear, or the girl in the […]

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7 Steps To Stronger Designs

The 7 Steps I Followed To Design The 2-Day Retreat For Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing Retired Navy Captain Ed Nicholson’s stay at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in 2005 presented him with a close look at the returning wounded from the conflict in Iraq (and later Afghanistan). His desire to offer fly fishing to […]

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Honoring My Mentor and Friend, Dr. Kendall Cowing

The Reverend Doctor Kendall Cowing Charlotte, North Carolina Passed away on February 4, 2013 Married to high school sweetheart Della Father of 5 children, 16 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren I’d like to share four items about Ken and his impact on Compression Planning and leading groups: How he mentored me His advice about groups with […]

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An Evening Of Lobster And The Pope

Client: Bernard LaMontagne, Former President IWK Health Centre Halifax, Nova Scotia Dear Compression Planning Friend, After leading a two-day Compression Planning retreat for 25 members of the board of directors and senior staff of a hospital I was exhausted. Drained. Spent. You know the feeling. My client, Bernard Lamontagne, invited a group of people from […]

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Laying the Foundation for a Successful Strategy Session

It was a “mountain top” session As a Compression Planner, you know every session is different. We frequently get asked “How do you evaluate a session?” Evaluating how a session goes is sometimes tricky. At some point in the future, you have to ask “Did that time we spent together make a difference?” There are […]

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How Switching Perspectives Helped 15 Doctors and 14 Nurses Save Their Fragile Merger

I’ve designed, organized and led Compression Planning retreats continuously since I was 26 years old. Periodically I’ll share the essence of some of those Retreats. For many I’ll disguise the clients so their confidentiality is protected. Even change the industry in some cases. What I’m really after is the story and what I learned. Hopefully […]

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Do you do this with your prospective cients?

How to use Compression Planning with your prospective clients Are you looking to differentiate yourself with your prospective clients?  Garett Trumpower has been a power user of Compression Planning for over five years.  He uses CP in his sales efforts and in the delivery of his company’s consulting services. Using CP is a key part […]

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First, what validation isn’t It’s not testing an idea to see if it is valid or will sell or resolve a problem.  It’s at the other end of the process.  It’s getting a real understanding of the question you are addressing.  It’s getting “street smart” – getting the flavor and texture of what it is […]

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Do You Need To Be ‘Content Neutral’ To Be An Effective Facilitator?

Turns out you CAN facilitate your own Topic! By Pat McNellis   For years there has been an “Urban Legend” going around that you shouldn’t facilitate your own topic.  You need someone without a vested interest in the subject matter. Hogwash…in 9 out of 10 cases. It’s not a matter of can, it’s a matter […]

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