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Brainstorming Series: Laying the Foundation for Rich Ideas

There are three “foundational aspects” that need to be present to have a good ideation session in Compression Planning. You must have the right players present. This seems obvious but it often isn’t. If you have a need for an ideation session with the Marketing Department, most sessions will be made up of “marketing people.” […]

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Brainstorming Series: Getting Your Ideas To “Pop”

Most ideas aren’t ideas…they are the “kernels” of ideas that still need to be popped. So, how do you get you beyond the useless output of typical Brainstorming sessions?  In Compression Planning it’s simple.  You “Churn” the ideas. But what exactly does “Churn” mean? You know you have a “churned idea” when it has been […]

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Brainstorming Series: Why You Should Never Brainstorm

When I say Brainstorming, people already have a concept of what I am talking about.  “Labels” allow us to quickly understand a new concept and make it immediately relevant. You’ve probably participated in many idea generation sessions you’d call “Brainstorming.” The process for generating and developing ideas in Compression Planning is called “Churning” – like […]

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Developing Actionable Ideas

“Developing Actionable Ideas: Spinning/Churning” One of the cornerstones of Compression Planning is the concept of “Spinning/ Churning.” I believe this is possibly the hardest concept for people to master. When done well, it also serves as the greatest form of Compression you can get from your planning efforts. First, what is spinning/churning? It’s the art […]

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