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It’s Magic!

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t love a magic trick? Young or old, innocent or cynic, there’s something just plain fun about the ridiculous joy of being deluded into believing that rabbits really DO come out of the hat, or the coin really DOES come out of an ear, or the girl in the […]

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It must end in Action!

Don’t call it Compression Planning® unless you plan to take Action! One of the struggles we hear from some graduates of the Compression Planning® Institute is We never seem to get past the FOCUS stage in the Master Planning Model. What can we do differently to make it through the entire model?” Here are my […]

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Hold that NO…for now

“The Art and Discipline of Pure-Form Thinking” by Pat McNellis Shooting down ideas seems to have replaced Baseball as “America’s favorite pastime.” Let’s face it…we’re good at it. It’s something we’ve learned to do since we were kids. Well, as kids, we were often told “don’t do that” or “that’s a dumb idea.” Maybe not […]

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First, what validation isn’t It’s not testing an idea to see if it is valid or will sell or resolve a problem.  It’s at the other end of the process.  It’s getting a real understanding of the question you are addressing.  It’s getting “street smart” – getting the flavor and texture of what it is […]

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What To Do When Your Group Size Is More Than Ideal

You’ll recall from your Compression Planning Institute that we suggest you work with smaller groups when getting started.  Large groups have their own unique dynamics and challenges and can be tough to deal with while you are still getting grounded in the basics. Once you get comfortable with your CP design and facilitation skills, you […]

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