Pat McNellis is a gifted facilitator and all-around expert when it comes to planning systems and coaching. Pat has been working with his father, Jerry McNellis, helping to develop and refine the productivity solutions McNellis is famous for. Pat works as Jerry’s primary assitant, but also takes the lead during sessions as a co-facilitator.

Pat has a special knack for working with groups to leverage their most creative, focused thinking. He helps Jerry manage every aspect of each unique Institute, and is also responsible for creating a number of McNellis knowledge products, studies and systems. He credits Compression Planning®, and his desire to “dig for the uniqueness in every situation” as a foundation for his success.

Pat has also written The Compression Planning Blueprint, a companion piece for Compression Planning users. Pat also helps professional write high-impact resumes.

In his free time, Pat enjoys raising his twins Logan and Lauryn with his wife, Stephanie.