Frequently Asked Questions about Compression Planning®:

Q: What’s the cheapest, fastest, easiest, way to learn Compression Planning® and become good at it?

A: You won’t find a way any more than you’ll find an easy, cheap, fast way to learn how to golf or how to lose lose weight or any other skill, much less something as powerful as Compression Planning®. Becoming really good at planning and accelerating ideas into action will take some upfront investment. Don’t worry though, most participants get their money’s worth within the first 3-4 sessions they lead.

Actually, we’d stake our reputation on that most people get it back from the very first session they lead.

Q:  I’m really serious about finding out about The Compression Planning® Institute. Is it the right thing for me? I’ve heard good things about it. What do you suggest?

A:  #1: Do two deep dives into our website.

  • Dive #1: Put on your skeptics helmet and click here to read what one skeptic had to say by clicking here. While you are here, read what others are doing with Compression Planning.
  • Dive #2: Take off your skeptics helmet and put on your curious hat and reread the same stories.

Here are a few more places to specifically visit if you haven’t yet digested them:  Discover Compression Planning® and What You Can Expect To Learn.

A:  #2: Talk to us.  Click here or call 724-847-2120.

Q:  Do you have products I can buy?

A:  Yes, you can read our books ahead of time; however, they are part of your tuition at The Compression Planning® Institute. You could even buy the self-study program.

There are 30 videos that are part of the self-study program. They are the learning modules from the 3-day Compression Planning® Institute. They are also a part of your tuition for attending the Institute.

There are some things you can do for free and they are:

  • Read our Special Report “McNellis Special Report on Brainstorming.”
  • Check out what we share on our blog.
  • Get our e-zine the BrainTrain when you sign up for the Special Report mentioned above.
  • Read one of our Case Studies featuring a super star Compression Planner. He used Compression Planning® to raise over $163 million over his career.

Then decide if you want to attend one of our Institutes. Or decide if you want to have one of our teams do The Compression Planning® Institute just for your organization.

Click here to set up a complimentary consultation with an expert from McNellis.

Q:   Can Compression Planning® be used to ________(problem I face)?

A:  Yes. Should it be? That’s a different question and usually comes down to leadership (but then again, doesn’t everything?)

Q:  Can I come and observe an Institute for a couple of hours to get a feel for The Compression Planning® System?

A:  It’s like eating peanuts. Hard to eat just a few. Observers get sucked in as participants. Actually there are no observers. Everyone has a brain and something to contribute.

For example, a Senior VP of Humana Insurance Company in Louisville stopped in to “observe 20 minutes” of an Institute in his company. He cancelled appointments and meetings for the rest of the day as well as most of the rest of the Institute which he “observed” as a participant.

Observing doesn’t work. Observing in the past has always turned into full participation.

Q:  Can I sit in on one of your client retreats?

A:  Not unless you are a guest of our client. We work under non-disclosure/confidentiality agreements.

Summary: Most questions we get relate to problems, challenges and big opportunities people face. They want to know if and how Compression Planning® can help them.

We’re glad to discuss those types of issues with you. To do so please call 724-847-2120 or click here to set up a complimentary consultation session.