What to Expect

If you’re involved in any area of planning, and feel you’ll benefit from targeted tips on how to do it better, register for the Grant Developers Institute. McNellis will also help you teach faculty and staff how to plan grants so that all the work isn’t placed on your shoulders.

Use the CP process in your office to:

  • Structure long-term implementation and monitoring of meetings related to specific grants
  • Learn additional ways to effectively help your people focus on goals, objectives and activities specifically related to the grants they want you to develop
  • Learn new ways to tackle large, complex issues and break them down into cohesive, manageable plans with a clear set of steps for reaching the goal
  • Bring together multiple interest groups and quickly gain consensus

Institute takeaways:

  • Expand your confidence and facilitation expertise – regardless of your skill level
  • Help others design successful sessions (and have them return the favor), while being coached by our Compression Planning experts
  • Discover 7 surprising ideas for designing and recruiting a high-performance project team, and an equally high-performance implementation team
  • Learn 3 new grant collaboration methods to help move projects from “lots of talk” to action and conclusion…quickly
  • Gain ways to work with a department chair to develop a grant team
  • Discover 7 ways to focus a group’s ideas and energy
  • Find out about 6 ways to take “immature ideas” or grant requests and cultivate them to full fruition