F.A.Q. for Out-Of-Town-Participants

Closest Airport:

  • REGIONAL – University Park Airport in State College, PA (SCE) – University Park Airport is served by three different airlines. US Airways connections through Philadelphia, United connections through Washington Dulles, and Delta with connections through Detroit.
  • INTERNATIONAL – We are centrally located between Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, BWI, Washington Dulles and Washington Reagan. Depending on time of day and traffic they range between 2 hours from Harrisburg to 3 hours and 30 minutes from Philadelphia.

How Do I Get To HomeWaters?

  • Rent a car. The car rental is on-site at all of the airports listed above, including University Park. It is very easy to get to and from your car. University Park Airport is about a 35-minute drive to HomeWaters from the airport.
  • If you do rent a car, your GPS will bring you right to HomeWaters. Our address is 5531 Riverside Drive, Spruce Creek, PA 16683. Feel free to call or email Mike Harpster at HomeWaters before you begin your adventure if you would like to verify your directions and plans.
  • HomeWaters will be happy to arrange pick up and drop off from the University Park Airport. The cost for taxi transportation is approximately $65 each way. Executive car service can also be arranged.

Timing/Schedule considerations

  • Out of town participants should arrive on Monday, the day before the Institute begins. HomeWaters is a beautiful place with many things to do so we recommend getting there as early as possible! You may even want to consider adding a day or two before or after the training.
  • Days 1 & 2 begin at 7:30 with a continental breakfast.  The instruction begins promptly at 8:00 and goes until 5:30 pm.
  • Day 3 has the same start time but ends at 1:00 pm with lunch following.  It’s usually a fast lunch so if you are scheduling a pick up, I’d suggest, depending on how fast you eat, to schedule the limo/cab for around 1:45-2:00 pm.
  • It is pretty quick and easy to get in and out of the University Park Airport. I personally arrive about an hour before my scheduled departure and have plenty of time.
  • Everything is included in your package including dinners and all gratuities.  HomeWaters serves great food…especially their gourmet wood fired pizzas. We’ll eat as a group around 7:00 pm each evening.

Making your room reservation at HomeWaters

  • Contact HomeWaters directly at 814-686-6214
  • You will be speaking with Mike Harpster. Tell him you will be attending a Compression Planning Training at HomeWaters and he will take care of you. The standard package includes everything while you are onsite at HomeWaters; 3 Nights lodging, 3 days of breakfast, lunch and dinner, and all day breaks (tax not included)
  • The package price for a standard single occupancy room is $645 for the March Training, and $795 for the June, September or October training session. There are discounts for double occupancy, plus upgrades available for some really unique and luxury lodging. If you are interested in one of these options Mike will help you determine the one that best fits your needs.
  • If you are a non-profit that is exempt from some of the taxes, please let them know when you are making your reservation!
  • For more information on HomeWaters, click here.

What should I wear?

  • Dress comfortably. You will be moving around A LOT…NO TIES OR DRESSES!
  • If you tend to get cold, please bring an extra “layer.”

Do I need to bring anything?

  • A pen.
  • Consider bringing a camera. It’s not uncommon for people to want to “capture and copy” something they see someone else developing and working on.
  • A sweater…or a sweatshirt…or whatever a “layer” means to you.  See the above question for more details.
  • Walking/running shoes. They have beautiful hiking/jogging trails for you to explore and are adjacent to a 20,000 acre State Forest.
  • A fly rod. That sounds funny but HomeWaters began as (and still is) an exclusive private fly fishing club. It is located at the confluence of Spruce Creek and the Little Juniata River, two of the top 100 trout streams in the US. If you are so inclined, there will be opportunities to wet a line. If you would like more information on fishing opportunities as a Compression Planning participant, ask Mike when you talk with him while making your lodging reservation.

What should I NOT bring?

  • A laptop. Just a suggestion! Consider leaving it in your room for day one and if you feel you need it, then bring it on days two and three.
  • A cell phone. Did you laugh? Again, just a suggestion. I know everyone will bring their cell phone. We give plenty of breaks to “catch up on work” but the absolute ideal is to be “freed up” to just learn Compression Planning.