Progress is good. Progress under pressure is better.

Our work teams find this remarkable system has documented bottom-line results:

– Errors and mistakes drop an estimated 40%
– Time to completion drops an estimated 50%

Doug Hall, Founder and CEO of The Eureka! Ranch, Newtown, OH

Eliminate lost opportunities. Get ultra-focused thinking.

Doing a grant with one department of the federal government is tough enough. Working with three federal departments is unbelievably complex – and we only had 2 weeks to pull it all together and submit it.

In 2 meetings…one for about 2 hours…another for one hour…we used Compression Planning® to identify all the parts and pieces and most importantly, the holes…the gaps that were missing and assigned them to people to be completed.

I know without Compression Planning® that school district and their partners would not have been awarded the $9 million grant.

John Jenetta

Pulling off bigger, better ideas at least 30% faster than before

A one-day Compression Planning® session to help a commercial aircraft flight software client ‘focus its product value proposition’ yielded – within three weeks of implementation – new contracts with the Sprint/Nextel corporate fleet, Honeywell, Worldspan, Goodrich, and Navaro giving an exponential leap for the small firm’s revenues and long-term contracts.

Brian Cubarney, President, ClearBrands