Out-Listen Your Competition – Compression Planning Application

“Using Compression Planning to Out-Listen Your Competition”

As I was going through our archives, I came across this BrainTrain.  Knowing a lot of you are using Compression Planning with your clients, I hope you find the words of Garett Trumpower to be inspiring and insightful into how YOU can use Compression Planning with your clients.

Garett Trumpower, RN, BSN
VP Consulting Services – MEDSEEK
Corporate Headquarters:  Birmingham Alabama

In Garett’s words:

“I first realized I was going to change my team’s methodology a little over two years ago.  I was recently trained in Compression Planning and had only deployed the methodology three times with my internal team.  I was asked by my sales team to conduct a 4 hour CP session with a large integrated health care delivery system in the Midwest.

The goal of the CP session was to understand what the software requirements were to offer online patient access to the organization’s medical records.  I understood that my company, at that time with yearly revenue of $25 million, was competing against a multi-billion dollar organization.

Needless to say we won the largest project at the time in our company’s nine year history.  When asked why we won the business, the client CIO stated that he never forgot our first meeting and how we utilized a technique that really got his team to communicate.

Comments like the CIO’s in the Midwest and others are no longer rare.  I have had multiple participants, especially physicians, state that our meetings are some of the few meetings they go to and feel like something was accomplished.

Today, CP is no longer an option for me and my team when we work with our clients, it is a requirement.  It has become the way we gather client requirements and facilitate workshops.

Over the last two years, I have had a number of hospital executives state that our methodology is the most fascinating and effective process they have seen. Some executives have commented they were expecting a high tech software company to come in and wow them with technology.  What ended up happening is we wowed them with how we organized our meetings and how we kept the meetings on track.

As a healthcare consultant in the software industry, I have had opportunities to work with over 250 healthcare organizations.  I have witnessed a change not only in my practice but in the success of my organization since my Compression Planning training over two years ago.

As you read this newsletter, I hope you understand the power of CP in new business development.  The training has given me a skill set that has changed my practice and helped me grow in my field.”

Garett Trumpower, RN, BSN
Vice President of Consulting Services – MEDSEEK
As Vice President of Consulting Services, Mr. Trumpower is responsible for managing, training and resource deployment of MEDSEEK’s consultants. In addition, Mr. Trumpower is responsible for the development and refinement of consulting services and products which are utilized across the United Stated and Canada.

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