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My Mother, Helen McNellis

Helen McNellis My Mother passed away Sunday morning, December 22, 2013. She was 2 months shy of 99 years of age. She led a life full of curiosity, wonder, spontaneity, awe and joy over the simplest of things. If I were to present Mother with a trophy, it would be “World’s Best Listener.” She would […]

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It must end in Action!

Don’t call it Compression Planning® unless you plan to take Action! One of the struggles we hear from some graduates of the Compression Planning® Institute is We never seem to get past the FOCUS stage in the Master Planning Model. What can we do differently to make it through the entire model?” Here are my […]

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Laying the Foundation for a Successful Strategy Session

It was a “mountain top” session As a Compression Planner, you know every session is different. We frequently get asked “How do you evaluate a session?” Evaluating how a session goes is sometimes tricky. At some point in the future, you have to ask “Did that time we spent together make a difference?” There are […]

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Brainstorming Series: Getting Your Ideas To “Pop”

Most ideas aren’t ideas…they are the “kernels” of ideas that still need to be popped. So, how do you get you beyond the useless output of typical Brainstorming sessions?  In Compression Planning it’s simple.  You “Churn” the ideas. But what exactly does “Churn” mean? You know you have a “churned idea” when it has been […]

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How Acroynms Can Derail Decision Making

XYZ…PDQ Acronyms…they start at such an early age and are a part of our culture – personal and professional.  Everyone faces acronyms.  Absolutely everyone.  You can count on it.  And they can drive members of your Compression Planning® (CP) sessions nuts. Most CP sessions have people from many disciplines including both inside and outside the […]

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Out-Listen Your Competition – Compression Planning Application

“Using Compression Planning to Out-Listen Your Competition” As I was going through our archives, I came across this BrainTrain.  Knowing a lot of you are using Compression Planning with your clients, I hope you find the words of Garett Trumpower to be inspiring and insightful into how YOU can use Compression Planning with your clients. […]

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7 Top Hints for “Selling” Compression Planning to Others

Thoughts I frequently share with new Compression Planners about introducing CP to leaders. I’m talking about “how to sell others on the idea of using CP on some issue, challenge, opportunity or big stinkin’ mess.” When I started this business in September 1978, I’d explain the techniques, underlying principles behind CP, Disney, storyboards, and I’d […]

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Helping Friends with Compression Planning

Compression Planning Application #1: Helping Friends

This year we made a commitment to highlight what we thought were unique applications of how people are using Compression Planning to make a difference in their part of the world. The first one we “published” featured Luanne Panacek who was the CEO of the Children’s Board of Hillsborough County in the Tampa area.  Luanne […]

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Developing Actionable Ideas

“Developing Actionable Ideas: Spinning/Churning” One of the cornerstones of Compression Planning is the concept of “Spinning/ Churning.” I believe this is possibly the hardest concept for people to master. When done well, it also serves as the greatest form of Compression you can get from your planning efforts. First, what is spinning/churning? It’s the art […]

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