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7 Top Hints for “Selling” Compression Planning to Others

Thoughts I frequently share with new Compression Planners about introducing CP to leaders. I’m talking about “how to sell others on the idea of using CP on some issue, challenge, opportunity or big stinkin’ mess.” When I started this business in September 1978, I’d explain the techniques, underlying principles behind CP, Disney, storyboards, and I’d […]

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PRO / CON Template – Don’t Miss Your Best Decision Making

Using the Compression Planning PRO/CON Template to aid in Decision Making One of my favorite Compression Planning formations is the one where you identify the Pros and the Cons of options.  I’ve used this simple template in many ways in my life – both personally and professionally.  It’s a simple but powerful way to make […]

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Compression Planning Pinning for Dummies: The book that was never written

Saving time by paying attention to the 101 things Okay, before I sat down to write this, I went to Amazon to make sure someone didn’t already beat me to the punch.  I mean, no sense in rewriting something so worthy of rolling your eyes if someone else already wrote it! I entered “for dummies […]

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